• Unsecured Loan

    Loans for installments without a mortgage

    Installment loan is a form of money loan with equal repayment of money in periods. Repayment means paying both the interest on the loan plus the principal and dividing it to pay the debt. The repayment amount for each term is equal and the interest is calculated based on the principal balance and the actual term of the repayment term, all agreed on the contract. Usually the repayment term is 1 month. , 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, it depends on demand, upfront financial capacity and recurring financial ability. The installment payment is not only applicable to buying houses and apartments, but also when buying large properties such as land, cars, etc.The loan interest rate is usually agreed by the lender and the borrower. borrowers 20 million with the interest rate of 20% Therefore, the principal is VND 20 million + interest is VND 4 million = the total principal is VND 24 million. If the allocation is made into 12 repayment periods, each period is 1 month, the payment amount of each loan is VND 2 million. This means that the borrower has to pay 2 million VND per month.

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    • Mortgages without a mortgage - Unsecured loan

    Unsecured loan is a form of lending without collateral, based entirely on the reputation of the individual (information from the cic system) on the ability to repay the debt for personal purposes, which may be A cost for wedding, travel or consumer purchases and very convenient loans to cater to all your needs. A cash loan usually ranges from VND 10 million to VND 500 million and the loan term is flexible from 12 months to 60 months.

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      Installment loans with salary
      Unsecured loans based on salary

    - Lending from 8 to 15 times salary. The loan amount is from VND 10 - 500 million without collateral, preferential interest rate is from 1% per month, Simple procedure, disbursement time of the day.

    With simple loan conditions when income from 5 million / month is verified through employment contracts and salary statements

    Borrowing money does not need proof of income
    Installment loan of cash products without proof of income:

    Unsecured loans by invoice. Easy to use unsecured consumer loans by loan: Borrowing from utility bills without a government
    Loan according to internet bill.
    Loans on telephone bills. Mortgage on electricity bills is easier and faster than ever, no requirement that you are in the name of household registration, no need for anyone's collateral. You only need to be the owner of the electricity bill to be able to borrow consumer mortgage.
    Borrowing cash according to vehicle papers
    Cash loans under life insurance
    Borrow cash according to your bank account balance
    Borrow money fast online
    Quickly borrow cash online, just need ID card. Borrowing Online without meeting, Other can pay by installments daily or monthly with interest. Installment loans with collateral

    - Mortgage loan:
    Bank loans are one of the many loans applied by many people when they need a large amount of money and own a number of valuable assets, but do not want to sell but just want to mortgage. Most banks now offer mortgage lending services for their customers to choose, with different interest rates, loan terms and loan values. Therefore, choosing a bank with appropriate mortgage interest rates is always a matter of many concerns.

    Installment loan
    Low interest rate to buy house from 7% / year
    Funding up to 100% of the need to buy a new home, up to 15 billion
    Simple procedures, fast
    Support for loans to buy houses / apartments with papers and houses of new apartment buildings and cities without papers
    Car loan with installment payment
    Preferential and attractive interest rates, with an impressive approval time, within 8 hours, from the time the bank receives the complete file of the Customer.

    HIGH LIMITS: With the maximum loan amount of up to VND 5 billion, choosing the dream car for you becomes simpler than ever.

    LONG LENDING TIME: With a long loan period of up to 96 months, the debt repayment pressure of customers is low, more comfortable when borrowing.

    MULTI-LEVEL MORTGAGE: You can mortgage your car / home to borrow a car.

    SIMPLE LOAN DOSSIERS: Just 4 basic documents, You have completed the loan application.

    Installment loans at MK-FINANCE
    Bank loan products without a mortgage
    Bank loan - Online mortgage loan - Best mortgage loan
    Unsecured Loan MK-FINANCE
    Unsecured Loan MK-FINANCE 24 times salary

    - Unsecured mortgage loan of MK-FINANCE offers a useful financial solution when lending with the highest limit on the market today

    - VND 500 million (equivalent to 24 times of income). Along with the simple procedure, customers will be assisted to disburse quickly as borrowed from their relatives.

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    Unsecured Loan MK-FINANCE
    Counselor within 24 hours - Extensive branch network - Simple profile & quick procedure - Flexible loan term from 6 to 36 months

    Bank loan MK-FINANCE. 100% Online. Good interest rates. The procedure is easy. Available 24/7. Flexible loan period. There is no limit on loan purposes. Prestigious MK-FINANCE Bank. Services: Consumer loan, Car loan, Electronic loan.

    MK-FINANCE bank's mortgage loan is convenient, serving the needs of the majority of customers, quick procedures, quick disbursement without collateral.

    Unsecured interest rate MK-FINANCE 2018
    The mortgage loan interest rate MK-FINANCE for different subjects is different:

    Government officials: Interest rate from 1% to 1.2% / month
    Joint stock companies, large corporations: Interest rates range from 1.3% - 1.4% / month
    Private companies, joint stock companies newly established under 5 years: Interest rates from 1.4% - 2.1% / month

    MK-FINANCE Bank offers low interest collateral
    Here is information about mortgage loans of some banks, so you know which mortgage loan rates are currently the lowest:
    MK-FINANCE mortgage loan. Loan amount up to 70% of capital needs / Loan term up to 20 years / Flexible repayment method. The preferential interest rate for MK-FINANCE 2018 banks is from 8.5% / year. After the preferential period of interest from 11.3% / year.

    MK-FINANCE loan procedure is simple to buy a house
    + Loan application form.
    + ID card, Household / KT3 ID card of borrower and co-payer (if any).
    + Documents proving the purpose of capital use (copy of house / land document to be purchased, construction permit, design, estimate ...).
    + Documents proving income (from business activities, salary ...).
    + Profile of security assets.

    MK-FINANCE offers preferential interest rates from 6.99% for customers who buy a home, car loan, business loan and mortgage loan.
    Mortgage loan from MK-FINANCE bank
    The mortgage interest rate of MK-FINANCE bank is always stable and varies from 6% to 9% / year. This is considered an attractive interest rate because this interest rate is about 2% lower than other banks.

    Red book mortgage loan at MK-FINANCE - Customers who come to mortgage loan of MK-FINANCE will be supported with limited capital up to 100% of demand, accompanied by attractive interest rates. buying a house, buying a car, doing business, producing agriculture with the interest rate of only 8.5% / year; mortgage loans, student loans with interest rates of only 7.8% / year; interest rate on securities trading is 7.49% / year. Loans for buying houses, cars, production and business activities, and agricultural production are only 8.5% / year.

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    Hot loan interest rates are the most preferential
    Currently, the mortgage rate of MK-FINANCE is much lower than other banks, only from 7.2% / year for the first year or 8% / year for the first 2 years.

    Unsecured Loan MK-FINANCE
    MK-FINANCE installment loan: The opportunity to spend before and after installments is only 25,000 VND / day. With a loan of up to 40 million, a loan period of up to 36 months and no collateral, customers can simplify their wishes quickly. More specifically, cash loans are now easier and more secure when MK-FINANCE processes documents and receives disbursements quickly, low monthly payments and has an extensive service network.

    Unsecured Loan MK-FINANCE
    MK-FINANCE will follow your dream plans with attractive MK-FINANCE cash loan, preferential interest rates. In particular, cash loans are now available to not only loyal customers but also to new customers, including MK-FINANCE mortgage loan. 70 million dong without collateral, simple procedures, quick disbursement for customers. Customers who need loans please contact hotline: 0901018181 or register directly on the website: tuvanvaytienmienphi.com

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